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Public Articles
The Hours performance measure in the CSA SMS will be impacted by new ELD-related violations for carriers. Percentile rankings associated with each carrier remain hidden from view of the public per Congressional action.
3 days ago · From Slingers-Girl
With ELD implementation a major topic for trucking in 2018, this year’s International RoadCheck inspection blitz will focus on hours of service compliance.
03.26.2018 · From Slingers-Girl
Hours of Service of Drivers: Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) Exemption; FAST Act Extension of Expiration Date
03.16.2018 · From Slingers-Girl
Public Tutorials
This will show you the way we load the spas at Bullfrog in Utah.
Categories: Education 
01.08.2018 · From Slingers-Girl
I will try to explain here the basic setting up of steel and loading of a normal sailboat.
Categories: Education 
01.02.2018 · From Slinger
A few things you need to know and have when you start work with Joule Yacht Transport
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01.10.2018 · From Slinger
Business listings
Do not follow your GPS to Moose Boats. Take RailRoad Ave all the way in to Bagley St. Moose Boat is on the corner They will load you up in the parking lot out front. They will pick up the boat and you will back under it. They do have access to a crane but like the old way better. Videos of how t…
8 days ago · From Slinger
Be sure to call 24 hours before showing up. There is not much room at all in the place. When you do show up make sure you know if you are backing in or pulling in and backing out. Watch out not to get hung up going though the gate. You will be crossing RR tracks and there is a hump. To get there: …
03.12.2018 · From Slinger
Do not try to follow the GPS. It will send you into the school. Be sure to take your right after the school on Stringham Road. Follow that all the way around down the hill. You will see the marina at the bottom of the hill. Shower available.
03.07.2018 · From Slinger

If you have a cell phone, a fuel card, an ez pass, a pre-pass, a debit card, A qual-com or other communication device to get load info, then you are and have been being tracked. Being tracked is the lamest argument against e-logs. E-logs are here and they
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Slingers-Girl 3 days ago 0 4

On 3/26/18 we loaded a 510 DA in Palm Coast, Florida.  It was a warranty boat being delivered to Woodbridge, Virginia.   We got it up there in 2 days.  The routes were not too bad.  It loaded out at 15' 2" high and 14' 8" wide.  It weighed 88,740 pounds. 
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Slingers-Girl 03.31.2018 0 9

Of all things, it had to be rainy, windy, and a bit cool.  Loading today was going to get us soaked.  Just what we need after beginning to get over these colds.  But it is all part of the job and unfortunately, the weather don't care what you have to do.  
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Slingers-Girl 03.26.2018 0 12
How to add pinpoint routes on the Garmin GPS.
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02.07.2018 · From Slingers-Girl
How to lift a boat that is too close to the trailer.
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02.07.2018 · From Slingers-Girl
Make a tutorial on opening the different stretch trailers.
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02.06.2018 · From Slingers-Girl
From Vallejo, California to Newport, Rhode Island for the fire department.
17 hours ago
Forward deck and railing structure at the bow of a boat.
18 hours ago
A rotating multi-blade device that propels a boat through the water.
18 hours ago
The lower unit of a stern-drive motor that houses the drive gears and to which the propeller fastens.
18 hours ago
Support device for mounting outboard engines that extends aft of the transom.
18 hours ago
A boat with more than one hull, such as a catamaran or trimaran.
18 hours ago
A boat with a single hull.  
18 hours ago
A shorter mast located aft of the main mast on a yawl or ketch.
18 hours ago
Length overall; the distance between the most forward part of the boat and the most aft part.
18 hours ago